A First-timers Guide to Boulder, CO

(2020 Update) From hiking the flatirons to dining on Pearl Street, there are plenty of things to do in Boulder, Colorado. Whether you are visiting for the weekend or starting college as a young buff,  we have compiled a list of activities that can help you become more familiar with this vibrant college town! HikeContinue reading “A First-timers Guide to Boulder, CO”

The Weekend Warrior Paradox

Living in Colorado you are no stranger to the term “weekend warrior”, heck you probably even consider yourself one. The Oxford dictionary defines  a weekend warrior as “a person who participates in an activity only in their spare time.” The words ‘spare time’ captures the pitfall of being a weekend warrior, implying that other activitiesContinue reading “The Weekend Warrior Paradox”


Are you ready to take your skiing to the next level? After talking to friends and family who know their way around gnarly terrain, ColoradBros has compiled a list of top performing big mountain skis. Hear directly from each athlete about what they look for in a ski and how it has improved their performance.Continue reading “BEST PERFORMING BIG MOUNTAIN SKIS 2020”

5 Apparel Changes For Your Autumn Adventures

Falling leaves bring with them falling temperatures which means you will need to trade in your summer hiking gear to keep yourself warm out on the trail. From adding a simple beanie to making sure your toes are nice and cozy, we have laid out the essential wardrobe changes you should consider before heading outContinue reading “5 Apparel Changes For Your Autumn Adventures”

The Best Boards for River Surfing

In case you haven’t heard, you no longer need a $100,000 wake boat to ride waves in Colorado. Inland surfers have now innovated new ways to harness the power of rivers and Colorado happens to have several of the best locations in the country where you can hang 10. Whether you’re a seasoned surfer orContinue reading “The Best Boards for River Surfing”

10 Best Fall Events on the Front Range

Along with the promise of gorgeous fall colors and the pumpkin spice latte, the autumn season brings with it plenty of events to explore on Colorado’s Front Range. From pumpkin carving, tons of micro brews, art exhibits, and the start of the Broncos football season, you’ll find plenty to celebrate the fall season while gettingContinue reading “10 Best Fall Events on the Front Range”